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Prepare for a long flight with a stop on the way, for Kovalam is not the easiest place to reach from Delhi. A ticket to Trivandrum could cost you as much as a return flight from Dubai, and probably more.

Backpacking the UK can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. From jumping on mega buses to couch surfing your way around – there are so many different penny saving methods to help you all the way from the tip of the

We checked Oktoberfest off our bucket lists, gobbled up the most amazing hot dogs of our lives in Salzburg, boarded a “Sound of Music” tour- of one of Europe’s most adorable towns, walked around the main market area raiding souvenir

1. "Choose your companions carefully when you are walking in the hills. If you are accompanied by the wrong person- by which I mean someone who is temperamentally very different to you- that long hike you’ve been dreaming of could