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A load of confusion ensues the purchase of a ticket, as travel plans are underway and your travel date comes closer. A generation so tech-savvy could just as easily calm their nerves with a little help our digital friends over on the App Store. Move over, selfie sticks- phone apps are our new favorite travel companions! Whether you frequently travel for work or for the occasional holiday, these apps will keep your sanity in check:

  1. Idargo:

    There are far too many reasons why the Idargo App should be at the top of your downloads list! In essence, the app allows regular people to sign up as “buddies” for travelers to connect with while visiting their city. It’s a great way to earn some bucks while you connect with like-minded travelers. It’s as easy as signing up with a quick profile and the rates you would like to charge! Similarly, travelers can book buddies to show them around the city. It’s the best way to interact with locals, discover watering holes and experience the culture of a country! Travelers also have the option of connecting with other travelers in the same city at the time, so they can discover a new place together. It does get lonely on the move sometimes, and what better way than to share your experience with someone!

  2. Nightstay:

    This app is currently available in India only, and in keeping with its name, offers the best available hotel deals for the day you’re making your booking. The app ties up with different hotels and uses their distress inventory to offer at ultra-cheap rates on the app. You can only book a hotel for that particular day, between 9:00 am and 12:00 midnight. On a roadtrip and need a place to crash? They’ve got your back! The free 1,000 bucks on signing up should encourage you to try it out!

  3. Google Translate and Bravalol:

    It helps to know a few kind words in a different language, specially if you’re visiting the place. Google Translate has come to my rescue more than once, when I’ve found myself completely lost in a strange city; but I bet Bravalol does a better job, for it doesn’t need an internet connection to work! Once you download a dictionary in a particular language, your job is done. Type in a phrase, and it will convert and pronounce it for you.

  4. CityMaps2Go:

    While Google Maps changed our lives for the better, one of the biggest drawbacks is its inability to download and save maps. Taking screenshots of the entire route has been getting pretty tiring lately! The app also gives you in-depth information on tourist attractions, insider tips and other recommendations from locals. You can browse by category and put your itinerary together for all the places you want to visit, while saving the maps for future reference.

  5. Expensify:

    Although it’s more of an expense tracking app than a travel app, Expensify is particularly if you’re traveling for work. It allows you to manually note your expenses, or sync your credit card to track your expenditure abroad. You can also take pictures of your receipts, which could save you a lot of hassle and money if you misplace them along the way.

  6. Periscope:

    This app allows you to broadcast your video to the world. Once you post a video, a notification is immediately sent out to your followers, who can view your video in real-time. You can also save the videos and make them accessible to followers who are not online at the time. Followers can send you hearts, to tell you they enjoy the videos you’re putting up! It’s useful if you would like to build a community of travelers, or use their experiences as your Monday morning motivation!

  7. 6Hourly:

    Available only in India, and only on Android at the moment, 6Hourly allows customers to book hotels for a specific number of hours. Got a late night flight and you’re dead beat from exploring the city, with no place to spend a few extra hours? Use the app to book the exact hours you need at the hotel before heading to the airport!

  8. Hopper:

    Frequent travelers will tell you all about their agony when it comes to airline prices. It’s completely unpredictable and altogether erratic. You might end up buying a ticket today, only to find it’s considerably cheaper a week from now; or decide to wait a while and find yourself paying a lot more while you waited for the prices to drop. According to the company, Hopper can predict airline price changes up to a 95% accuracy! How’s that for good news?

  9. Roamer:

    Want to be able to check in on Facebook and make the world jealous on Instagram without racking up a massive phone bill? While I personally turn to the free Wifi at the hotel and coffee shops, you might find yourself in desperate need of internet connection (as it often happens!) or international calling, specially if you’re traveling solo. Roamer allows you to make international calls at the lowest possible rates, irrespective of whether you have internet connection on your phone. It gets even cheaper if you have Wifi. You can also link your number to a local sim for cheap local calls, without the hassle of carrying multiple phones or using a different sim. What’s more, you can order your Roamer sim in advance from 118 countries, delivered to your door step before you travel!

Nikita Butalia is a solo 20-something traveler who documents her experiences around India and the rest of the world in witty narratives and travel tales that are best read curling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate on a winter evening.


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    Hi Nikita,

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    July 7, 2016

    Hey! I suggest to add Tourlina, the first women-only travel app, which connects solo female travelers around the globe –


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