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he food of the Gods as it’s called, Greek Food is a result of simple cooking and basic ingredients done right. It comes as no surprise that olive oil is the main ingredient in Greek food, given it’s significance in Greek mythology. The story dates back to once upon a time when Athena (daughter of Zeus) and Poseidon (God of the sea) were fighting for victory over Athens. Poseidon offered the sea, but Athens planted a seed in the soil and left. That seed grew into an olive tree that would feed the entire country. Athena won the approval of the people and the name “Athens” takes after this goddess. While Olive Oil, to this day, remains their claim to fame when it comes to food, here are some other dishes that deserve to be tried:

  1. Taramosalata: Call it a dip if you will, the Taramosalata is drizzled (generously, of course) with olive oil and served with bread. Made from fish eggs, this pink dip is usually devoured by the Greeks as an appetizer with their wine. It’s not for everyone’s palate, and you might enjoy it a lot more if you didn’t know what constitutes the dip. Although it took a while to make up my mind about swallowing mashed fish eggs, it’s worth a try!Capture
  2. Kalamarakia Tiganita: Fried Octopus, to put things in perspective. Most traditional taverns on the islands have it on their menu. Squeeze enormous quantities of lemon on your Calamari to make the most of it. So while you’re in Greece- fancy some octopus tentacles? Capture.PNG
  3. Psarosoupa: Simply put, fish soup. Not just any fish soup though. The best recipe comes from Crete, and kilograms of different types of fish are squeezed together into the making of this soup. Don’t be fooled though- this soup is a meal in itself, served with a massive portion of boiled fish, potatoes, carrots and other vegetables. The Greeks love this soup, and you ought to swing by a tavern to try some.IMG_7435
  4. Gyros: Bet you saw this coming! Gyro is one of the essential try-me’s of Greek food, a pita sandwich filled with chicken/mutton filling. Speaking of filling, it’s stuffed with a bunch of veggies, that make this a quick on-the-go fix. IMG_7436
  5. Greek Baked Feta Cheese in Phyllo Honey: This is one of my personal favorites, a Phyllo pocket stuffed with cheese, trickled with honey and sesame. One can’t decide whether to have this for supper or dessert, but it’s such an easy and delicious recipe, it earns itself a fan almost each time someone bites into it.

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