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Single day trips might sound like severe injustice to the city you’re visiting, but are indeed the best way to experience the magic of Europe. Travelers are often tempted by the bigger cities in Europe, for each of these has its own persona, and each more tempting than the other. Small towns are often less frequented, but the essence of Europe lies in these tiny postcard villages and towns, that are really just little doses of magic.

Salzburg is one such European town, made famous by Sound of Music and the Von Trapp House by the lake. This place is a typical slow town where life doesn’t pass you by, with families still riding bicycles in a row, locals sunbathing by the river bed, and visitors sipping smoothies at riverside cafes. It’s one of those places you take back home with you, being the ideal town for a day trip. Everything is close by and easy to cover in a day. You could walk your way around the city center, stop by the souvenir stores or sip some by at an open street cafe. Here’s how to make the most of a sunny day in Salzburg, the lazy way:

  1. Daily Market Grunmarkt:Capture

    A lively way to begin the day, this farmers market located next to the university grounds is a colourful affair of fresh fruits, flowers, baked goodies, meat and juices. Breakfast served in the form of Frankfurters with bread and juice are available at different pop-ups throughout the tiny marketplace. Everything looks fresh and the delicious aroma fills the air. Walk in for some early morning positive vibes to start the  day on a refreshing note. There’s so much peace, yet so much life at this market: I couldn’t have asked for a better way to experience the culture of Salzburg.

  2. Mozart’s Garden:Capture

    This one is a gem worth discovering for patrons of Art. Not only is the well-manicured garden a sight, but the environment is quite relaxing as well. A violin player might drop by, or you could throw a penny for a picture with the living, breathing statue of Mozart. On a sunny day, this garden is the ideal place to laze around by the fountain.

  3. Hohensalzburg Castle:7596b75f-10d0-4070-9356-95b4e40c9c56

    Salzburg is a town that’s strikingly beautiful, with the hills on one side, the river another and lush green lawns that go on forever. Among then, beautiful cathedral and statues to be seen everywhere. One might look at it and wonder if its get any better- it does. If you watch the city from the castle. Located on a hill, this castle is not only a sight in itself, but is also the best place to get a panoramic view of Salzburg.

  4. The Sound of Music Tour: 

    A bunch of companies run the Sound of Music Tour, including a few hop-on hop-off bus services. Given that this town came into the limelight with this iconic movie, its actually a great way to experience Salzburg. The bus will take you to all the famous spots in the movie- including the Von Trapp house, which is actually a hotel named Villa Von Trapp, located right at the lake. What makes this entire experience all the more exciting, is the soundtrack from the movie playing in the buses! Usually this tour covers most of the important stops in the city anyway, so if you’re low on time- you could opt for the tour (on a hop on hop off bus though) and make the most of it, instead of going to each place individually.

  5. Wander around Salzburg Old Town and City Centre:_DSC0814

    Stroll through the souvenir shops, sip some wine at an open restaurant at the curb, or enjoy the many stores along the streets. This town completely embodies European Culture, portraying class and character at every corner. It’s truly a beautiful place to visit.

  6. Sit at a riverside cafe:4ad1a812-3df6-40de-a46a-ca5e5cb74d89

    There are plenty cafes by the river, and somehow most of them are always packed. I didn’t know until I stepped into one, how exquisite their desserts are! Take a break from a hectic travel schedule to unwind or go over your upcoming travel schedule while you satisfy your sweet tooth by the river.

Nikita Butalia is a solo 20-something traveler who documents her experiences around India and the rest of the world in witty narratives and travel tales that are best read curling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate on a winter evening.


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