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New Zealand is a country so stunning, one rarely gets around to talk about anything beside it’s beauty. The Kiwis are big on outdoor activities, frequently off camping, trekking, fishing and the works- it’s no surprise this country attracts the thrill seekers of the world. We all love the occasional adrenaline rush, and while Queenstown is the mother of all adventure places, Auckland is another good place to start for milder activities:

  1. Sky Jump and Sky Walk:

    The Sky Walk is the 1.2 Meter wide platform, where you can walk on the pergola of the tower, 192 feet above the ground! Of course, a body harness and safety lines keep you in place, but the experience is worth the hype! Bungee jumping off the sky tower is also an option. It’s the only straight line wire jump, one that’s recommended for those with a fear of the regular bungee jump that takes you head-first. Videos, timings and other important information is available on their website.

  2. Bungee Jump off Harbour Bridge:

    Videos of petrified first-timers are all over Youtube, but that’s just the devil messing with you. This one makes it to most bucket lists and sure enough, it’s worth checking off. You dive straight into the water, stopping just short of dipping yourself in it. The team up there is quite comforting, and happy to put in a little shove if you’re too chicken to leap off the bridge yourself!

  3. Jet Boating at Huka Falls:

    The Huka falls are at an approximate drive of 3.5 hours from Auckland. It’s a smooth drive on the highway; a pit stop you could make on your way to Rotorua or Mt. Ruapehu. It’s an easy way to get an adrenaline rush, specially since you share that with the other 19 people who’re literally in the same boat as you. Jet boating down an enchanting waterfall that’s so blue, fresh and scenic is an experience at par with the activity itself!

  4. Hot Air Ballooning, Hamilton:

    It doesn’t take an adventure freak to embark on a journey into the clouds on a hot air balloon, but it’s one deserving of an attempt. Go for the one at Hamilton, taking you over the Waikato River, with a  view of Mount Ruapehu. The hot air balloon soars over the countryside, the vineyards, rivers and mountains of the North Island, leaving you with memories that stick for a long long time to come. An aerial view of New Zealand is the only thing better than it’s road trips!

  5. Skydiving:

    Falling down 16,500 ft. flat, at 200 kms an hour sound like your thing? Great, hitch yourself up at Skydive Auckland, a 45 minute drive off the main city, with free pick up services from your location. They give lessons in skydiving as well, and with their 20 years’ experience in the industry, you’re in safe hands. All the information you need, along with contact details and prices are on their website.

  6. Canyoning:

    Head over to Piha for a hike into the rain forests before you begin your canyoning experience. Rushing down a stream of water through the mountains- if you’re looking for an experience authentic to New Zealand, this is it! You could opt for rappelling beside a stream as well, depending on your interest. They offer packages for families and varied levels of fitness, so you don’t need to worry about amateur survival skills. CanyonNZ and Awol Canyoning are popular organizers around Auckland.

  7. Black Water Underground Rafting:

    The Waitomo Caves, at a driving time of 2.5 hours from Auckland, offer a black water rafting experience inside the caves. It’s an underground experience you can club with various other tours including a cave tubing jump (cascading down a waterfall) and glow worm tours. The best place to get more information on this is the Waitomo New Zealand website.

Nikita Butalia is a solo 20-something traveler who documents her experiences around India and the rest of the world in witty narratives and travel tales that are best read curling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate on a winter evening.

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