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Few have survived the first couple of days taking the fitness plunge. New Year resolutions are disappointingly called off within the first month and gym memberships ambitiously purchased during the holiday season go to waste. I’m one who belongs- not so proudly- to that category. My excuse is that I’m lazy so I can’t exercise. I love junk food, so I can’t eat healthy. I’ve been finding my obsession with food a little suspicious, and I decided to break the cycle with a few experiments with healthy food in and around Delhi. After a week of trial and error, it’s time for Subway and Pita Pit to make way for these delivery services I’m spending my salary on this month. Just.. take my money.

1. Inner Chef:

While InnerChef doesn’t advertise itself as a “health food” option, they have plenty Salads and Paninis to pick from. The mains section also has grilled dishes available if you’re strictly against carbs; and fresh juices to pick from. They have designated delivery slots and the service is quick and efficient. It’s easy to order and the packaging and presentation will make you instantly feel good about your diet and fitness goals.

What to order: Hummus with Pita Bread, Rosemary Chicken with Veggies, Alexis De Veggie, River Sole with Veggies, Summer Chicken Salad, Shuddh Watermelon Juice

2. Raw Leaf:

One of the best I’ve tried so far, Raw Leaf ensures their salads taste just as delicious as they look. The smoothies are super fresh and so are the cold pressed juices. The packaging is simple but powerful and placing an order on the website is child’s play. This is one I highly recommend and will be ordering from quite often myself.

What to order: All berries smoothie, Trim (cold pressed juice), Fuel up (cold pressed juice), Cucumber Mint Detox Water, Lettuce and Herb Grilled Chicken, Chicken Burrito Bowl, Southwestern Quinoa Salad


3. Salad Days:

This is as interesting as salads can get! Their menu has plenty options and they’re all quite creative. This is one place that has been successful in making salads interesting, making you actually want to pick salad over anything else. What I expected to be a specialised salad delivery service turned out to be an amazing smoothie-station as well. Their smoothies and cold pressed juices are worth every penny, and though they’re a bit on the expensive side, they’ve got reason to be! I’m a fan of the Black 01, undoubtedly the best and most interesting cold pressed juice I’ve tried lately. The packaging and branding on all products is super cute as well.

What to order: Wild Berry smoothie, Apple and Cinnamon Smoothie, Black 01 (cold pressed juice), Chicken Santa Fe, Asian Chicken Noodle Salad, Seafood Salad, Indian Earth Bowl

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 1.20.58 PM

4. Zoe Nutrition For Life

Zoe is all about long-term wellness and fitness plans, propagating the idea of eating healthy as a habit not as an occasion. They have several detox and cleanse plans, monthly subscriptions and meal plans. They don’t restrict themselves to fitness enthusiasts but also encourage die-hard foodies to give their digestive systems a rest through juice cleanses, tea detoxes and easy to digest food that is also full of nutrition. Most food and juices they deliver come in combinations of 4 or 5 course meals or entire detox plans. These meal plans are economical, filling and nutritious- saving you the exhaustion of ordering repeatedly, as well as offering you a complete package for all your healthy food requirements.

What to order: I tried the 1 Day Juice Cleanse, which arrived with a set of fresh juices, smoothies, cold coffee, box of green tea leaves and a parfait. It’s one I will repeatedly turn to after a heavy night of partying or binging on desserts!

Zoe Nutrition for Life 1 Day Juice Cleanse

5. The Health Box:

They focus on healthy food, but with a little twist that mainly concentrates on making junk food taste a whole lot better. The whole-wheat burgers and gluten-free wraps on offer help to ease off the guilt. The Health Box is all about cheat day sans cheating. They also have home made dips, protein-packed meals based on your preferred calorie intake, and all-day breakfasts that include parfait and whole-wheat pancakes. Packaging and presentation could be a lot better though, and their prices are a tad higher than one would expect.

What to order: Roasted Chicken Salad, Lean Meat Wrap

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 1.17.52 PM

5. World in A Box:

Though the menu boats of healthy options and the food is delicious, it isn’t the healthiest option out there. The peri peri chicken comes on a bed of mashed potatoes and the Tex Mex Sandwich is loaded with cheese. The hummus comes in a jar with veggies and is one of the best I’ve had in town. This place is definitely worth trying in Gurgaon (they don’t deliver in Delhi yet) if you stick to the salads for your health requirements. From my experience, the smoothies were fresh and yummy, and in terms of the taste this place is a complete win! They also have a breakfast menu to pick from.

What to order: Tex Mex Sandwich, Peri Peri Chicken, Hummus Jar, Anti-Oxidant Very Berry Smoothie

World in a Box Gurgaon

6.  First Eat: 

Catering to most of Gurgaon, First Eat delivers healthy meals across town, created fresh and on-demand. In a partnership with Phillips, they’ve created a zero-oil snacks menu, powered by the Phillips Air Fryer that keeps the calories at bay while you enjoy your favourite snacks guilt-free. In order to bust the myth that Indian food is seldom healthy, they offer various dishes (Upma, poha and even parathas!) with a lighter, low-calorie intake. From personal experience, the food takes a while to arrive (for large orders) though they strive to send your meal across within 45 minutes. Their app, now available to download on Android and IOS, has detailed health information on each dish.

What to order: Snacks off their air-fried menu, Heaven’s Garden Chicken Salad, Summer Nirvana

First Eat Gurgaon

Nikita Butalia is a solo 20-something traveler who documents her experiences around India and the rest of the world in witty narratives and travel tales that are best read curling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate on a winter evening.


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    Thanks Nikita for including us in your write up. Really happy to know you like our stuff and surely look forward to serving you again…
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