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Bucket Lists

1. Oktoberfest:

This has been on my bucket list since the first time I saw it on The Backpacker Co. website five years ago. I never planned it, and this trip quite literally fell into my lap when someone helped me get cheap tickets to Munich. It took me a second to make up my mind, and before I knew it I was staring out of the train in Munich at all the people dressed up for the fest! If you’re planning a trip to Munich, here are 10 things you should expect at Oktoberfest.

2. Owning a Polaroid:28c42698-acb5-49a9-817a-5db948f471d9

I can’t even remember how long I’ve pined to have a Polaroid and to be able to take instant pictures of my adventures. I had been secretly saving a certain pink camera to my Amazon cart on and off without ever really paying for it, until my birthday last year when my boyfriend so lovingly gifted me one. It’s my most precious possession! You can purchase one here.

3. Visiting Santorini:1a72ae6e-1ba9-438c-b6f6-2a66f0ddbd0d

Just like everyone else, I wanted to go here with the man I love (sans honeymoon, too cliche!); but I ended up traveling on a work trip with my manager in the winter! Not so much fun if you ask me, but I struck it off my list anyhow. While Santorini is a much happier place when the sun is shining, there’s little anything could do to make the place less lovelier. If you find yourself in Santorini, here’s a Bucket List you should consider striking off!

4. Opera performance at the Bolshoi Theatre:

This wasn’t on my bucket list till I landed in Moscow and opened the Lonely Planet I was carrying. Once I got reading I realized how little I knew about the place I was visiting and how much I was about to miss out on. The first thing I did was drop by the theatre to check for tickets to a ballet performance (none were available, naturally), and eventually settled for an Opera adaptation of Alexander Borodin’s Prince Igor. The experience of watching an authentic Russian opera at the Bolshoi is one I will never forget.

5. Being the CEO of a company:

Well, technically. When I started Stumbling Around Delhi, I never imagined it would garner so many followers and so many loyal readers. If you’re interested in finding out how the blog started out, read about us and about Stumbling here.

6. Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg:

I’ve grown up humming “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens” and “Do, a deer” wondering if I would ever be able to try out the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg based on the world’s favorite movie. I chanced upon it when it happened to be a 2 hour drive from Munich, and I spent the day discovering this magical town. Read all about  my experience of the Sound of Music Tour here.

7. Traveling with my boyfriend:

So many people tell me you find out how compatible you are with someone once you travel with them. I just learnt how much fun it is to travel with someone who has some similar and some opposite interests as I do! I didn’t have to try too hard to be accommodating, and we did just about everything we felt like. Trying out an authentic Czech meal? Let’s do it! Sip wine atop Prague Castle? Why not! Traveling with the person you love should be on top of your travel goals. Click here to find out all about my trip with my boyfriend. 

8. Traveling alone:c32c2796-a3ec-44a1-9791-caf3282a3800

Most people will tell you that it isn’t fun traveling alone, or that it’s unsafe and that it gets lonely. I won’t paint a rosy picture to convince you, so yes it does get lonely. Yes it does feel unsafe and yes your family will freak out the first time. But traveling alone is an exhilarating affair, and there’s so much to learn that you’ll lose sight of the fact that you’re alone or it would get boring. Don’t travel for a “vacation”- that you can do with your family and friends. Travel to open yourself to the world! If you decide to take the plunge, these 8 tips for women traveling solo for the first time will help you make better decisions pertaining to your travel plans.

Nikita Butalia is a solo 20-something traveler who documents her experiences around India and the rest of the world in witty narratives and travel tales that are best read curling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate on a winter evening.


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