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The extent of our luck hadn’t quite struck us as we booked our return tickets to Munich on Jet Airways. And that’s when I realised how airline upgrades are far better than seat upgrades. Jet Airways is an airline partner with Etihad Airways, and their flights to Europe are on coach sharing- a thought that hadn’t crossed my mind. Little did we cheap ticket holders know, we were in for an experience that would bump Etihad to the top of my favourite airlines list.

I have traveled twice with Jet Airways internationally- one time to Sri Lanka and once to Bangkok, and overall the experience has been quite a harrowing and inconvenient one. Etihad was altogether heavenly in comparison- right from the comfortable seats to the food and even the selection of movies on their entertainment system. One doesn’t need to pay for first class when traveling with Etihad- the experience in general is a superior one.

While checking in, the emergency exits were offered to us without an additional charge- it might not amount to much, but the gesture itself makes one feel good. Last ones to check in on one of the legs, we ended up with non-reclining seats. Usually the first to notice the discomfort, I hardly felt like the seats were intolerable. In fact, the hospitality on board was welcoming and warm, and it just might have been the first time I actually enjoyed flying. I didn’t doze off to avoid any flying time, nor was I compelled to open a pack of snacks from the plethora I was carrying with me.

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The food on board was fresh, delicious and filling. It wasn’t a pity meal consisting of cold sandwich and a sad-looking roll with sprouts that many airlines offer. They were well stocked on juices, alcohol and other beverages, and they didn’t run out of a vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal.

For our last flight (Abu Dhabi to Delhi) we were thrown into Jet Airways, and I remember thinking, “How the mighty have fallen!” because right there was the stale roll with sprouts, and an entertainment screen the size of a smart phone. In contrast, I would always recommend Etihad or a coach-sharing Jet Airways to Europe.



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