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Himalayan View Retreat Leisure Hotels, Ramgarh

Perched atop a tiny hillock on a mountain is Himalayan View Retreat- a hotel built during the Colonial times when Nainital and its surrounding areas were one of the main stations for British governors- including Jim Corbett, whose stories of hunting Man-Eating Tigers are rather famous in the area. Malla Ramgarh is home to this home-stay style hotel. To call it either would be unfair, for its 6 rooms and a common dining area with individual seating is more like a mountain lodge than a homestay.

The steep path up to the hotel is lined with rolling stones and vegetation, some of which have made their way to a side of the building, adorning it by way of adding character to the building. Stepping into the cottage-hotel, you will find yourself transported into the golden days of the British Raj. You’ll find a wooden staircase leading to rooms on the first floor, and a dining hall with a 180 degree view of the Himalayan range. Seating has been arranged along and beside the massive window panes, while a chandelier hangs from the high ceiling above. Meals are served here for all guests, and this is where the hotel turns into a homestay experience.

This property, owned by Leisure Hotels, has a caretaker who manages operations, guest check-ins and any guest requirements. He, along with the cook, is available to confirm with guests on their meal preferences and choices at the beginning of the day. They offer home-cooked meals to all guests. As is the case with mountain accommodations, Maggi and other snacks are available should you be inclined to munch on some.

Bedrooms and washrooms are spacious, and hot water is readily available. Silence is the order of the day here, given its peaceful location a little away from the main street. Upon drawing the curtains, you’re likely to find a view of the hotel vicinity or the Himalayas- depending on the room and its location.

Himalayan View Retreat Ramgarh

Evenings tend to get chilly here, so its advisable to carry adequate warm clothes. For snacks, chips or any other store-bought things, we recommend you purchase those in advance as there are few shops in Ramgarh- making it the perfect place to stay if you’re visiting Nainital. It’s an hour’s drive and the hills this side are pleasant and peaceful.

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