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Jaypee Palace and Convention Centre Agra Pool

Driving through the gates of the Jaypee Palace Hotel one hardly suspects that this hotel is larger than life- almost too grand and too huge to be just another resort. With red stone set to mimic the Agra Fort, the drive to it’s main entrance is as grand as it is lavish. I walked into a resort far more stunning than I had imagined. In every aspect, this resort is nothing less than a palace, and true to it’s name- you’re vacationing in the lap of a luxuriously adorned hotel and an eager to please staff. Stepping into it’s large foyer within minutes of the warm welcome I received, it’s chandelier-donned reception area, massive windows and lush green lawns came with promises of a peaceful getaway. It’s the kind of place that welcomes everybody, catering to all kinds of visitors. If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway from the city, it’s easy to lose yourself in the calm; and if you’re looking for a quick vacation with your family, this hotel is full of options to entertain yourselves with!

I was already enamoured by the beauty of the new expressway, and I was only too pleased to discover that the hotel was intent on winning my heart. To say it did would only be fair. 
Jaypee Hotel Agra Review

About the hotel:

This is one of the hugest hotels (in surface area) I’ve stayed at so far. It’s a resort-based convention centre designed to host off-sites, weddings and seminars. They have a bunch of activities for children and adults (including an in-house old-style disco, bowling alley and video game parlour and tennis courts), five different restaurants, and dance performances in the evenings on weekends. But that doesn’t mean the hotel is bursting with people and noise. At 60% occupancy, we felt like we had the entire hotel to ourselves. It’s so vast, the only time I realised the hotel was adequately full was at breakfast the next morning. I don’t believe that even after half an hour of walking I was able to see the entire property. Front view of the Jaypee Palace and Conventional Centre Agra

The vast blue pool on a hot summer’s day was a reminder of the relaxed weekend I had been craving- mandated by a week of hustle. To say that the grandeur of this hotel is anything less than that of a palace would be a crime.

The wifi in the hotel is really slow though. It barely reaches the rooms and the pool area, and is equally slow in the reception area as well.


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Though we stayed in the Palace Rooms that were sufficiently spacious and came with a balcony seating overlooking the garden, even the base-category rooms are beautifully done up (though they come without the balcony). The washrooms and modern and well-stocked with everything you might need- the only exception being a bathtub.


I have never had better Chicken Biryani than the one I had at Jaypee Agra. The same goes for the Chicken Noodles in Black Bean Sauce. The food we ordered in was a bit expensive but made up for it’s price in quantity and taste. Everything we ordered at room service was delicious (with the exception of Pizza) and quick to arrive. The breakfast buffet was nothing fancy and the cocktails and desserts could be better. It’s best to stick to Indian and Chinese cuisine here- doesn’t disappoint.

Customer Service:

The Tea Room at Jaypee Palace Agra

Every single person I have interacted with from the booking phase up until my checkout has been prompt, courteous and willing. I couldn’t get through their number initially and reached out to their regional office. Within minutes I had a confirmation on the availability and rates. Arriving at the hotel, I was welcomed by their staff which so much eagerness and assured a fantastic experience. They didn’t have to, because it was wonderful anyway. Their VP operations, marketing manager, F&B manager and chef- everyone does their best to ensure your experience is nothing less than perfect. The hospitality we experienced over two days has left me so deeply impressed, I can hardly fathom why more hotels around the country aren’t adopting the same customer experience.

The reception area at Jaypee Palace Hotel in Agra

Overall Experience:

This hotel is worth the bucks! I just wish they were advertising a lot more than they do, for they truly deserve the praise they’ve garnered over the years and the name they’ve made for themselves in Agra. It has been an experience that will keep me coming back for more.

Nikita Butalia is a solo 20-something traveler who documents her experiences around India and the rest of the world in witty narratives and travel tales that are best read curling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate on a winter evening.

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