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Nestled in a small nook just a few kilometres before Ranikhet, Junoon in the Hills is a luxury cottage that offers a home stay experience with home-cooked meals, a dedicated staff and a view that opens up all the way to the Himalayan range. The cottage with three guest rooms and a guest house with another three rooms, is the perfect getaway for a family as well as a romantic getaway to somewhere peaceful. It’s a cottage in the middle of nowhere, with a living room that comes with two cozy fireplaces, a dining room and kitchen, a snooker table, a work desk and a computer, and a gym.

It’s so serene, the air so clean and fresh, the snow so clearly visible far away, I felt like I was at a private luxury mountain cottage somewhere in the Alps. Junoon in the hills is the ideal place to peace-out from the world for a bit. An afternoon under the sun at this cottage was spent enjoying the view, bird-watching and admiring the many colourful flowers they’ve planted in their lush garden.

Junoon In The Hills Deck

It’s just the right distance for a long weekend from Delhi. An 8-hour drive that takes you to a secluded spot high up in the mountains, and a snow white house in the wilderness with lawns so lovingly tendered-to. There’s something enchanting about it- it’s everything that constitutes the fairytale image of a cottage hidden in the mountains, with a fireplace and a warm living space lit up with candles and dim lighting, glass doors that open onto an outdoor deck, a little stream running through the property under a tiny bridge, and bonfires that set the evening aglow.

Junoon in the Hills- the gardens and the property

Location and property:

Junoon in the Hills is a privately owned luxury cottage at an hour’s drive from Nainital. Two hours away from Almora and half an hour from Ranikhet, it isn’t located at any hill station. There are no noisy vehicles and blaring horns, no mall road full of tourists here. It’s a cottage close to nowhere, with one of the best views imaginable. The property is massive, well-spaced out and managed to perfection. The staff is gentle and polite, and extremely helpful. The food is home-cooked and fresh, and the quality and taste is authentic and excellent.

Junoon in the Hills- the living area and loung


There are three rooms in the main cottage and another five in the adjacent guest house. Each room has an attached dressing room and modern bathroom, with all the basic amenities one would expect at home. Carry your own toiletries, though clean towels are provided every day. The rooms have all the necessary amenities and are done up in modern decor. There’s nothing extravagant about the rooms, but they offer the comfort of clean linen and contemporary accommodation.

Three days of enjoying the warm hospitality, the beautiful interiors and the good vibes at Junoon In The Hills, and I’m back home and pining for another getaway to that cozy cottage that felt like home.

Nikita Butalia is a solo 20-something traveler who documents her experiences around India and the rest of the world in witty narratives and travel tales that are best read curling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate on a winter evening.

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