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Karma Chalets Cottages

Karma Lakelands, housing a 9-hole golf course, beautiful wedding grounds, a fitness centre and a massive pool, is also home to Karma Chalets: an eco-friendly resort that just might be one of the most child-friendly resorts around Delhi. A massive property that merges two concepts in one: responsible living in the form of a resort that promotes ecologically sound living, and a weekend of pampering, golf and myriad activities. Its the ideal weekend getaway destination if you need some family R&R time.

Watch the video from my experience at Karma Chalets:

The Chalets are a division of the Karma Lakelands that start at studio rooms and end up at full-blown villas by the lake. I would recommend picking higher category rooms if you’re lugging your kids along, for the bathrooms are wanting for space. The rooms are each located in a bed of greenery- with hammocks and mini gardens outside these cottage-style rooms.

E-rickshaws are your designated rides around this huge property, in keeping with their theme of sustainable living that compliments nature- doesn’t destroy it.

There are badminton and tennis courts, cycling tracks, an animal farm and a bee garden. There’s a spa for anyone who fancies a massage, a fitness centre and club called the Karma Klub, a trampoline and a kids zone containing slides and a play area. There’s a cozy lounge dedicated to games and leisurely reading, that also doubles up as a family room with coffee and tea on the house. The occasional antelope is found wandering around this property, and rumour has it, a fox is often sighted here too. I successfully managed one very deep, late-night conversation with a frog while swinging on the hammock outside my chalet.

Pool at Karma Chalets, Manesar

Expect a fun weekend with plenty activities to try out. It’s not a run-of-the-mill weekend getaway pick, and not your basic romantic getaway spot- but a getaway that promises experience over the dullness of a pool-eat-sleep routine one usually opts for at luxury resorts around town.

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