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Rama Residence is a boutique hotel at the end of Seminyak street, a mini-hotel of sorts, but with beautiful spacious rooms and washrooms that could parallel a mid-level luxury resort. There’s a pool in the yard that’s always brimming with fresh water and sparkling in the sunlight. Rooms are lined along a narrow street inside the resort, lined with saplings in a tropical-tinted green and Balinese-style water features.

It’s a tranquil little oasis located on an otherwise busy street. Aside from the rooms, everything else at Rama Residence is in an open-plan format, including the reception. This is more of a board-only accommodation, and doesn’t come with any other amenities. They don’t have an in-house kitchen and don’t serve breakfast.

With the disclaimer out of the way, if you were to give Rama Residence a chance among all other boutique hotels, hostels and luxury resorts at Seminyak, you would find this particular one quite endearing. I also stayed at Four Points by Sheraton, and would prefer Rama Residence to Four Points. One of the reasons is the accessibility factor. At Rama Residence you could get off your car and reach your room in a short walk. Another, is the room. While there’s no dearth of spacious rooms (and admittedly, the room and washroom at Four Points was much larger) the rooms at Rama Residence were absolutely adorable.

Each is located on the ground floor, and comes with a small verandah with a cushioned seating space in one corner, and a decor that was a mix of wood, stone, plants and water. Throughout the resort, a soft sound of trickling water can be heard. It’s silent and surreal, and the outdoor seating an intimate open space, ideal for some pre-gaming or late night conversations.

Once inside the room, you’ll find the decor on par with any decent luxury resort. The room is big and although the decor doesn’t leave much space to add a third bed, it has been designed in a way that accommodates a desk, cupboard, little tea and cooking station (should you wish to cook a light snack inside your room) and a washroom. The rooms are impeccably clean, as are the linens. All amenities you could need- including a security box for your cameras and other belongings, blow dryer, iron and cutlery.

Wifi is available and works like a charm. Plug points don’t accommodate Indian plugs so it’s wise to carry an adapter.

In terms of location, it’s at the far end of Seminyak street, but still within walking distance of cafes and pubs. It’s a convenient location more or less, and if one were to take a cab, it would cost anywhere between IDR 10,000-20,000- which is far lesser than it seems.

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