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The Pool and Rooftop at Roseate House New Delhi

The Roseate House at Aerocity is a classic case of over promise, under deliver. It’s exorbitant prices- coupled with the Roseate name will have you believe you’re in for a luxury experience par no other, when in fact, its only a boutique hotel that gives you a mixed signal about who/what its meant for. Is it a business hotel, an airport hotel, a weekend getaway pick or a couples’ hotel? A two-day stay later, I still can’t answer that question with much accuracy.

Aesthetically, the hotel is modern and quite flashy- crisp, shiny and well-lit in general, the hotel is a tasteful mix of modern contemporary meets vintage Vogue. This design doesn’t quite extend to the bedroom, where the bathroom takes more space than necessary- in an attempt to create a strange design that lost the plot somewhere in its conception stages. The bath tub can’t accommodate a tall person, and is two-thirds the size of a regular bath tub. The bathing area is a tiny cubicle barely enough for one- so, I guess that means its not a hotel for weekend getaways for couples.

Next, the bathroom has see-through glass on all sides, with blinds that don’t actually shut properly- so I guess that rules out the option of a business hotel, because if I were to travel with a colleague and share a room (as is often expected by many firms)- this would be uncomfortable for everyone involved. There are no locks on the bathroom doors either.

It’s not a family hotel. The rooms are far too small to place a third bed and have space to move around at the same time. It’s not a weekend getaway spot, because the pool is quite tiny and nothing fancy, and in my honest opinion- Holiday Inn at Mayur Vihar has a better rooftop pool than Roseate does.

The one thing I did love at Roseate House was the food. We dined at Del (the multi-cuisine restaurant) and Kheer (the Indian restaurant) and dropped by Chidiya Ghar (the in-house bar) for drinks. The food was consistently delicious, as were the cocktails. Did I find the food overpriced? Yes, grossly. At the end of the day Roseate House is not a full-fledged super luxury hotel, and I don’t feel they’re offering the kind of experience that justifies charging INR 850+ taxes for 4 pieces of dim sums. It’s not The Roseate- which, I agree, could warrant these prices. As long as the food didn’t disappoint (the food quality is a feather in it’s cap worth boasting), Roseate House gets my approval for the food served- something many hotels end up neglecting.

The breakfast buffet is also a delicious spread with cold pressed juices, DIY tacos, pancakes and a table dedicated to jams, preserves and other toppings- aside from the buffet essentials.

Most interactions with staff around the property were warm and welcoming. House keeping is prompt, room service is quick and the staff is helpful.

Would I recommend Roseate House? Maybe, if the overall experience was cheaper by 5K, for the simple reason that one feels overcharged in comparison to the experience delivered. Riding on location alone, one can only go so far, and to charge over INR 20,000 (for 2 adults- including room cost+ all 3 meals+ 2 drinks each) for a night’s stay is to charge for a Hyatt or a Taj experience- which it is a long way from delivering.

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