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Flying with Singapore Airlines has always been a breath of fresh air for me. As far as airlines go, it’s one of the smoothest flying experiences I’ve had. Right from pre-boarding to landing, the entire process is easy, making long haul travel a lot more comfortable than one could imagine. Not only is Singapore Airlines one of the safest airlines to fly with, it always ends up being a pleasure flying with them.

The first time I flew the Delhi-Singapore sector (and back) with Singapore Airlines, I was a minor and I believe it was the first time I was traveling internationally alone. I would say it’s remained my first love till date, and I carried fond memories of earlier trips with me to my most recent flight. As is the norm with Singapore Airlines- I wasn’t disappointed at all.

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Right from a smooth boarding to hot towels and dinner menus printed out for every possible dinner selection, the little things were taken care of. But if I had to pick the one thing that won my heart- I’d probably say it was the cocktail selection. Singapore Sling available mid air? There’s no beating that one! And a neat cocktail they did whip up. I was truly impressed with how helpful the staff was, the cabin temperature (some flights have unbearably cold temperature- one thing that invariably annoys me every time) was tolerable, and that the seating wasn’t cramped at all. On the contrary, it was well spaced out, and each section had its own washroom- a blessing that passengers flying in a full plane would be most grateful for.

The food was a bit of a disappointment though. Maybe I was comparing the food with that of my recent experience with Etihad Airways, but it just wasn’t up to the mark. The selection hardly made sense, the bread was hard and the portion size was way too small- even for plane food.

But if I had to pick an airline for future travels, I would pick Singapore Airlines in a heartbeat. Coming from a travel blogger, this might sound strange- but I find flying a real inconvenience. And yet, never with Singapore Airlines.


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