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On a Sunday, Munich can be compared to the likes of Rome. This fast moving city comes to a halt as the shutters remain down at most stores and cafes. If you, like me, left all your shopping to the last day of the week, you’ve probably learnt the hard way. While most tourist attractions remain open, some cafes remain shut throughout the day. The streets are so empty, they almost seem haunted. If you’re wondering what to do in Munich on a Sunday, here are some options you could consider:

1. Watch the Rathaus-Glockenspiel:

One of the most adorable tourist attractions in the center of Munich, the Rathaus-Glockenspiel spins every day at 11:00 am, enacting two stories from the 16th century, using bells, sound and life-size statues. Sundays are special as a large crowd gathers at the church in Marienplatz to watch the show that lasts approximately 15 minutes. While few cafes are open during this time, tourists and locals gather together to watch the stories come live.

2. Enjoy a hearty breakfast at Cafe Rischart:

Few cafes are open on the main street at Marienplatz on Sundays. Cafe Rischart is one of them, serving delicious breakfast to quite a few people. It starts to fill up close to 11:00 am, and usually ends up with a long waiting line by noon. Rischart is one of the few morning cafes that whip up fresh baked goodies alongside a delectable breakfast.


3. Visit the Dachau Concentration Camp:

I’ll be honest- the campsite can be rather depressing. It’s morbid, with a strong feeling of foreboding in the air. That said, you won’t regret visiting. Located on the outskirts of Munich, the campsite is 40 minutes away by Metro. From the station, you can take a bus to the campsite. I highly recommend this experience, for it gives on an insight into the lives of the camp-dwellers and their account of the misery that actually existed during one of the world’s greatest tragedies.


4. BMW Museum and Welt:

The BMW story is depicted at this museum. It takes you through the years and the different cars and designs. Divided into Museum and Welt, the Museum is where all the old cars are displayed in a kilometer long circuit, while the Welt displays the new cars and bikes. The museum is so frequented by tourists and visitors, it’s the highest visited company museum in the country!


5. Stroll through Olympia Park with Crepes :

Originally created for the Olympics in 1972, the area contains the Olympic Event Hall and the main park around it. A small pond has been created inside the park, with ducks in abundance. Walk through the park in the evening, when the sun is setting and enjoy some crepes by the pond. The park is walking distance from the BMW Museum, and ideal for a stroll once the museum shuts down. The metro station is only a couple minutes walk over a gorgeous bridge that overlooks the museum on one side and the park and communication tower on the other. These crepe stations are available in different corners of the park, with flavours ranging from Nutella and Banana to Bailey’s flavoured crepes. The best 5 Euros I’ve ever spent!

Nikita Butalia is a solo 20-something traveler who documents her experiences around India and the rest of the world in witty narratives and travel tales that are best read curling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate on a winter evening.

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