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As soon as summer sets in, don’t we all frantically start searching for the closest hill station or the easiest way to get to the hills? Come long weekends, and the desperation really kicks in. I’m one of those who believe that when the mountains call, I must go. So we embarked on a drive to one of closest and most popular hill stations: Mussoorie.

Though I’m not one to encourage driving on the highway at night, we left Friday evening after work and stayed the night in Dehradun. What makes Mussoorie so popular is it’s 45 km distance from the plains. We reached in no time, though it did take a lifetime to make it through the traffic into Mussoorie.

Here’s an itinerary for you to consider for a 2 day weekend getaway:

1. Lunch at The Naabha Residence, Claridges

Fresh air from the hills, sun shining, beautiful vintage furniture and classy decor. There’s no better place to soak in the hills than at the lush green garden at the Claridges. Colourful flowers in full bloom make for the best backdrop at you sip your Bloody Mary and read a book in their outdoor restaurant.


2. Mussoorie Christ Church

We went early morning when the church was locked up. Though we were in luck, and the care taker was around. He opened it up for us, and the entire place was deserted. The vicinity of the church was full of flower-laden creepers around the beautiful yellow church walls. There was a charm and a wild beauty about the place, that took over me immediately. Drop by the church for some serious deserted-mountain-church-feels!


3. Nostradamus- The Writer’s Bar:

This bar at the Fortune Savoy is one of the classiest bars I’ve been to! A true Gentleman’s Club, this place has a secret too- it seems the famous writer Ruskin Bond has a massive bill to pay off (something in Lakhs, I hear!). Even if you’re not the scotch-on-ice fan, you could sip some tea in their silver-plated tea platters. The terrace at the bar also has the most beautiful view of the entire valley!


4. Meet Ruskin Bond at 4:00 pm on Sunday:

Ruskin Bond, who lives a little off Mussoorie, drops by every Sunday evening at the Cambridge bookstore to greet his fans. There’s some book signing and selfie-taking involved, but you’ll walk home with a warm feeling and some interesting books on the ghosts that reside in the hills. Good luck sleeping at night!


5. Stroll through the shops, eat some Maggi, devour a softie!

Hill stations are famous for the adorable tidbits one can take home- candles, keychains, cute woolen caps. You could get some of those while strolling down the long lane that leads to the main marketplace with the best Maggi in Mussoorie!8b352341-c3f9-4f07-8f7f-2eb79440283b

Some say the Kempty waterfall is worth the drive, though I’m one to disagree. There’s more water running through the tap in the hotel than in the waterfall- but the drive is fun!

Nikita Butalia is a solo 20-something traveler who documents her experiences around India and the rest of the world in witty narratives and travel tales that are best read curling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate on a winter evening.

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