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“I’m not a fan of presents”

Said nobody ever! There’s always a bucket list brewing up in our heads somewhere, and travel fanatics are no exception. From shooting the perfect sunset to finding the perfect travel hat, many a perfect gift idea can come from our love of the white sand beaches and the fresh mountain air. I always say it’s easiest to find gifts for travel freaks, because surprisingly- we love the clichés!

1. Polaroid Camera:

A Polaroid is the perfect way to capture a time gone by- something everyone with a love for travel yearns for. Imagine the people they’ll meet on the way, the experiences they’ll have and the memories they’ll come back with. They’re worth more than capturing on a digital camera. Polaroids are such unique cameras, something about them is so special. Imagine clicking a picture and it pops out in seconds! You can use them for collages, scrap booking, travel diaries, to hang up on your wall like I did, or to simply share them with another person to remember you by. They come in plenty colours, including white, black, blue, yellow and pink. Polaroid Cameras are available on Amazon, you can check them out here:

2. Letter Note Wanderlust Collection:

This collection has some of my favorite LetterNote merchandise. The “Wild and Free” phone covers and mugs are my favorite, followed by those categorically calling out “Let’s get out of here!” and “Don’t grow up, it’s a trap!” The full collection is available on the LetterNote website here.

3. Scratch Maps:

These ultra cool maps allow you to scratch countries off the map as you visit! These maps can be hung on the wall and have different countries in different colour codes, to be revealed only once you visit them and scratch them off your list! You can check them out on Amazon by clicking on the image:

4. Tripod:

For those who enjoy clicking pictures as much as I do, and are equally keen to capture some extraordinary clicks while they hike a mountain or swim in a lake, or enjoy a bright orange sunset across the horizon, this one is a winner! Most of us long for tripods, but only a few end up investing in one. The easiest way to make a traveler happy is to gift them one of these:

5. Lonely Planet Subscription:

I personally don’t like to browse through travel magazines; they’re jealousy-inducing infectious little things. While a subscription might work for some, others might dig a collection of lonely planet pocket books that are specific to the destination they’re interested in traveling to in the near future.

6. Nappa Dori Luggage:

You can choose between vanity cases, trunks and hand bags. Leather straps over classic trunks make for the perfect way to travel in style. Browse through their collection here.

7. Engraved passport covers:

The Rad Project has engraved passport covers on offer! You can engrave your initials in gold on these covers, or get your name printed on passport sleeves. Take your pick from their collection- it’s so fresh and chic!

8. Go Pro:

Capturing moments with new friends or old ones sometimes can’t be encapsulated in pictures. GoPros are tiny, lighter and easier to carry than cameras. Pinning it up on your bag as you walk down a new street in a new country can be an exciting experience to capture. Find it here:

9. Travel Dial Watch:

There are plenty watches available online with a world map on their dial. You could browse through Ebay for more options (though it may take months before your order arrives) or pick one off the fashion and clothing websites.

10. Travel Company Gift Cards:

Gift cards are always a safe bet. While most people stick to clothing store vouchers, they’re not such an exciting option anymore. Travel gift cards on the other hand- nobody ever has a problem saving money on a flight or hotel booking! Make My Trip has an offer that gives you up to 2,000 INR additional amount on purchase of a gift card.

Nikita Butalia is a solo 20-something traveler who documents her experiences around India and the rest of the world in witty narratives and travel tales that are best read curling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate on a winter evening.

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