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Located in the posh surroundings of Safdarjung Enclave, not far from the heart of New Delhi, is a cozy white home called Scarlett. The pure white house with large windows allows a constant stream of sunlight into the living area.

A fireplace and a mantle with beautiful silver candlesticks are only one of the many beautiful ornaments that adorn this room. Interesting coffee table books, novels and fancy rugs are artfully put together to create a warm environment much like one you might hope to find in a contemporary European household.


A comfortable home with four bedrooms, Scarlett is a home stay experience in the capital city with lots of sunshine and interesting decor. Intended for foreign travelers and Indian residents alike, the house is an interesting setup for a restful stay.

Ambience and Decor:

The four rooms at Scarlett are divided into two deluxe and two standard rooms. The deluxe rooms are spacious and tastefully put together, with novels and lanterns adding flavour to the room. The standard rooms are dull in comparison. Damp and very basic, these rooms don’t match up to their price.


The bathrooms for both rooms are simple but do not lack in basic ammenities. Don’t walk into Scarlett expecting a porter to carry your bags up to your room or wishing for a bathtub to unwind. Wifi is available at all times and a small television is placed in all rooms.


Food and Service:

Snacks are available on order, although there is no “menu” to pick from. Priced at Rs. 500, the “Snacks” are an assortment of tidbits put together by their kitchen staff. Meals are pre-decided by the kitchen staff.


Scarlett serves simple European food cooked in-house by their resident chef. Just like an authentic home stay, the food at Scarlett has a take it or leave it policy. Not ones to indulge their guests in luxury, Scarlett believes in providing a bona fide home stay experience and the staff does their best to ensure their guests enjoy a comfortable stay.


We tried the lunch and were slightly disappointed. A portion of lentil salad, served with baked cheese loafs and bread, the lunch did not live up to its price. The dessert was a delicious mango pudding we instantly fell in love with. The good part about the food is that it has a homely feel to it, taking one back to winter dinners in European households.


Scarlett is located in South Delhi, and close to most markets that Delhi is famous for. The hotel is not far from the city’s main attractions, apart from select monuments. A short auto ride from a prime metro station, Scarlett is barely 2 kilometers away from AIIMS metro station. That said, they are located inside the Safdarjung colony and finding an auto inside the colony might prove a little difficult.




Although Scarlett provides a comfortable home stay experience and an abundance of positive vibes, the hotel is slightly expensive in comparison to the services they provide. The standard rooms are priced at Rs. 4,500 (onwards) for basic accommodation, and the deluxe rooms are priced at Rs. 7,500 onwards.


The deluxe rooms are interesting and roomy, but do not justify their price, especially when a 5 star hotel experience comes at almost the same price. Considering the fact that only the basics are available at Scarlett, we are of the opinion that the prices are steep.


Snacks are priced at Rs. 500 for a platter of tidbits, while lunch ranges between Rs. 750 and 1000, depending on vegetarian or non-vegetarian options. The dinner is priced between Rs. 1,00 and 1,500.


The food is extremely expensive in comparison to the meal provided to the guests. To put it another way, we suggest the guests stick to other delicious options in the city as opposed to meals inside the house.

Scarlett has won our hearts for its beautiful decor and interesting concept, but we are a little apprehensive about the prices.

Safety and Security:

One of the biggest concerns in any hotel- especially a home stay, is the aspect of safety. Scarlett does not have a guard or a housekeeper. By evening, there is nobody in the house except a staff member- a lady named Elizabeth who is both warm and welcoming, but inadequate in terms of safety. We ended up worrying for her safety as well.

Scarlett has big glass windows for walls on two sides, making it easy to break into the house. There is a make-shift arrangement for guests walking in late at night, with nobody to open the door; and making it very simple for anyone to creep into the house at night. Security is one of our biggest concerns at Scarlett.


Scarlett is one of the most inspiring places in Delhi, whether to lounge around or to work. The interiors are a sight for sore eyes, making their living room one of our favorite places in the city. Even so, the rooms and food are a little expensive and the security is dodgy.

Report Card:

Food: 6/10

Value for Money: 6.5/10

Location: 8/10

Ambience: 8.5/10

Rooms: 7/10

Service: 6/10

Overall: 7/10

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