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Instagram is nothing if not a host of beautiful ideas from around the world. With microbloggers taking centre stage, so many people are making a living off creating beautiful content and stunning pictures just for social media. (Who thought one could be a full-time Instagrammer for a living?) Flipping through random articles online, I bumped into one about a couple who earns up to $9,000 USD per Instagram post. (Say whaaaa!) I often scroll through various food, travel and sometimes even fashion based Instagram handles for the last-minute inspo, but there are a few among this massive pool of originality, that are my go-to for instant happiness and freshly brewed visual content.

1. Tara Milk Tea: @taramilktea

Travel posts, flat lays and food posts- all full of life, bright and happy colours and an urge to get outdoors.

Image Source: Instagram @taramilktea

2. The Blond Macaron: @theblondmacaron

Sticking to an Instagram theme is tricky (believe me, I’ve tried) but her pink and white travel and lifestyle posts give me serious Instagram Goals!

Image Source: Instagram @theblondmacaron

3. World of Wanderlust: @worldwanderlust

Brooke has been the inspiration behind my first solo travel, and her blog remains my favourite (and most followed) to this day. Her posts have so much of her life and thought poured into them, traveling in the shoes of a 20-something blogger was never so relatable. She makes it look like everyone could come up with gorgeous vacation pictures and make a life they love.

Image Source: Instagram @worldwanderlust

4. Gypsea Lust: @gypsealust

The duo that gives us career goals with posts that are so perfectly curated, they could be worth thousands of bucks. Oh wait- they are! They live in Bali and fund their travel from money they make off Instagram- only! How’s that for career plans?

Image Source: Instagram @gypsealust

5. The Tia Fox: @thetiafox

Pastels and whites, and a life worth envying!

Image Source: Instagram @thetiafox



Nikita Butalia is a solo 20-something traveler who documents her experiences around India and the rest of the world in witty narratives and travel tales that are best read curling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate on a winter evening.

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