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Welcome to Stumbling Around Delhi! My name is Nikita Butalia, and I started this website to feed my wanderlust sometime in 2013. As a college student back then, all I really wanted was to explore my city better. As I got discovering, I couldn’t keep my curiosity within the bounds of a single city.

How I started blogging:

It started when I sat at a cafe in Delhi sipping the most delicious Oreo Shake, wondering if the world knew how much heaven was bottled up in that jar! It drove me to write about my culinary experiments around Delhi, which gradually turned into experiments around India and then the world. I figured a full time job wouldn’t be able to pay for unlimited travel, nor would it give me enough days off to trot around the globe. So I changed the course of my career just a tad bit to follow my passion and see where it leads me. I moved from a job in a Big 4 firm, to one of the leading travel companies in India, and into a portfolio that would keep me on my feet. It only made sense that if I must spend my time stalking hotels and flight prices (in the hopes they would drop!), why not get paid to do that?

I kept thinking what a pity it would be to die without seeing every corner of the planet! And so I got going, in my quest to see the entire world, a city at a time.

How it changed my life:

What started out as a simple blog meant to jot down my experiences, turned into a gift that only keeps giving. Stumbling Around Delhi gave me the opportunity to explore places in a manner I never could have. As a tourist, we end up only scratching the surface, but as a traveler one gets to immerse themselves in the culture of a country and it’s people.

Along the way I’ve come across some people with the kindest hearts; like the old Mrs. Volodorf in Munich who let me use her apartment to clean up after a long bus ride overnight and offered me coffee in the warmth of her living room; the lovely Yannis in Greece who is more than a father to me after he nursed me from a terrible illness and packed his bags only to arrive in India to visit me on a whim; the adorable Frank who sends me the cutest post cards and sweets from Taiwan to tell me he remembers me; all the wonderful bloggers I get to share stories with; and my loving audience who makes my Monday morning a lot less dreary!

Let’s keep in touch!

I would love to connect with each of you, for everyone has stories to tell and experiences to share. The best way? Send me a postcard! I would love to send you one right back from the next place I travel to! 

You could always drop me a line on the blog in a comment, or reach out to me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Love and warmth,


Welcome to Stumbling Around Delhi! I’m Nikita Butalia and you’re about to join my journey of discovery that began around the city but ended up around the world. A passion for travel and endless wanderlust led to a massive appetite for travel that’s never satiated since. Here’s to inspiration from sunsets, mountain tops and late night city lights. Happy reading!