Weekend Getaways from Delhi

10 Ways You Can Save Money While Traveling

10 Best Gifts for Anyone Who Loves Traveling

  • The Lalit Mangar

    The Lalit Mangar: Weekend Under the Stars

    The Lalit Mangar is as close to a cabin in the woods as Delhi would allow- with 5-star service thrown in for good measure. Situated in the middle of a good-kind-of-nowhere…

  • Girl Sunset

    The Truth About (Travel) Blogging

    Sitting at the boarding gate a few months ago, I remember wondering if I was happy doing what I was doing. I’m spending my money on the things I love, and…

  • Aeroflot

    Aeroflot Review: Economy Class

    Over the past two years I have repeatedly heard from people that Aeroflot is one of the better options while flying to Moscow, given that it’s a direct flight and that…

  • Chatuchak Park Bangkok

    Traveling Solo To Bangkok: Don’t Do It

    Traveling alone is the new trend among backpackers and avid travelers, who refuse to wait around for a friend or accomplice. I’m one to happily join the bandwagon, given that my…

  • Jaypee Palace and Convention Centre Agra Pool

    The Perfect Getaway: Jaypee Palace, Agra

    Driving through the gates of the Jaypee Palace Hotel one hardly suspects that this hotel is larger than life- almost too grand and too huge to be just another resort. With…

  • healthy_16605082_49420b01556bb7adb83fd5edbe6e4ce74b813a70

    Best Healthy Food Delivery Options in Delhi

    Few have survived the first couple of days taking the fitness plunge. New Year resolutions are disappointingly called off within the first month and gym memberships ambitiously purchased during the holiday…

  • IMG_3101

    Park Inn by Radisson Sadu, Moscow: Hotel Review

    In Sherlock’s words, “data data data” is all that matters, even when you’re booking a hotel. So that’s what I did- collected all the information I needed before I picked this…

  • _DSC0877

    Why Everyone Falls in Love With Prague

    I’ve heard people say this town is, “So lack-lustre” while others vehemently deny that absurd statement, all the while gushing about how beautiful it is. Few batted an eyelid towards Prague…

  • IMG_3102

    Take Two: Park Inn Pribaltiskaya, St. Petersburg

    As I bid Petersburg a tearful goodbye the last time, I knew I would return, for I had fallen in love with it’s lampposts, buildings, canals and the way it’s locals…

  • _DSC0495

    How To Spend 3 Sober Days in Bangkok

    Here in India, Bangkok is our go-to place for a weekend of partying and drinking. It’s a popular corporate offsite destination, makes for a cheap shopping trip and a perfect pre-gaming…

  • MoveNPick

    Where to Eat in St. Petersburg: 5 Favourite Cafes

    Dining in Russia remains a challenge for many, and taste buds that aren’t yet accustomed to authentic Russian cuisine (veal eggs included) suffer the most. While one could go the fast…

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