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  • Chill Guide To Colombo: 2 Days, 9 Things To Do

    Colombo intricately combines contemporary luxury with the charm of an age-old city, with its populated market spaces and a rich collection of ruins that still sings praises of a culture that…

  • Colombo beach sunset

    This Sunset is Sri Lanka’s BEST Kept Secret

    Forever chasing sunsets, I find there’s something magical about this kaleidoscope of colours thrown across the sky like paints on a vast, endless canvas. While there’s something surreal about the sun…

  • Flying Jet Airways to Sri Lanka? Don’t.

    Disclaimer: Incoming- massive rant induced by repeated inconvenience on every single sector flown on this airline. This is not the first time I’m writing so strongly against Jet Airways. A few…

  • Greek food flatlay

    How (Not) To Dine With The Greeks

    The Greeks are passionate about their food and wine, and that’s the one thing I have in common with them. During the five maddening, noisy and hectic days I spent with…

  • Aeroflot

    Aeroflot Review: Economy Class

    Over the past two years I have repeatedly heard from people that Aeroflot is one of the better options while flying to Moscow, given that it’s a direct flight and that…

  • Chatuchak Park Bangkok

    Traveling Solo To Bangkok: Don’t Do It

    Traveling alone is the new trend among backpackers and avid travelers, who refuse to wait around for a friend or accomplice. I’m one to happily join the bandwagon, given that my…

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