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  • Karma Chalets Cottages

    Karma Chalets, Manesar: Weekend Getaway [Review]

    Karma Lakelands, housing a 9-hole golf course, beautiful wedding grounds, a fitness centre and a massive pool, is also home to Karma Chalets: an eco-friendly resort that just might be one…

  • The Pool and Rooftop at Roseate House New Delhi

    Roseate House, Delhi- Weekend Getaway [Review]

    The Roseate House at Aerocity is a classic case of over promise, under deliver. It’s exorbitant prices- coupled with the Roseate name will have you believe you’re in for a luxury…

  • 10 Things To Know Before Your First Trek

    2017 was a year of firsts. When a generally lazy person like me takes on a trek- however amateur- the result can be surprisingly refreshing. I expected nothing short of breathlessness,…

  • Kasol, Kullu, Himachal

    Kasol: All About The Stay, Eat & Trek

    Kasol has little allure for me as a traveller- a realisation I came to after spending 2 days at the hill station. With strong undertones of marijuana, blaring psychedelic/house music, Kasol…

  • Trek Kasol to Kheerganga

    Kasol-Kheerganga Trek: The Road Less Taken

    The trek to Kheerganga begins at Barshaini, which is also the drop-off point for buses from Kasol and for private cars. Barshaini is approximately an hour’s drive from Kasol, and it…

  • Dining Room Jilling Terraces

    5 Cozy Homestays Around Delhi

    Weekend Getaways are growing on us all, with mini-vacations become a winning trend among the hard working young corporates of today. Staying at luxury hotels is unwinding, but it lacks the…

  • Landscape of Corbett National Park

    Growing up in Jim Corbett National Park

    On a blogging trip last month, we drove along the all-too-familiar roads leading to Corbett National Park. Memories of a childhood spent singing parodies to Bollywood songs with best friends came…

  • Jim Corbett National Park

    Weekend Getaway: Corbett with the Locals

    During my travels around the country I try to imbibe the local vibe of each place I visit, and yet after a million trips to Corbett over the course of 15…

  • View from Corbett The Baagh Resort by the poolside

    Corbett The Baagh Resort: Hotel Review

    A resort nestled in the valley amidst the wilderness of a national reserve; surrounded by a village that takes active interest in bringing the local culture to resort guests. The only…

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